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What is Murmur

Murmur is the data driven out-of-home advertising platform which uses smart LCD screens on backacks to show ads on streets. Measurable OOH advertising solution.

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We work with some of the world’s leading companies

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Use StreetIQ-Geospatial data for location insughts. Create Ad with Ad Manager. Measure OOH campaign in real-time

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Benefits of our technology

Real-time Customer Data:

Locate and display your ads in front of the customers wherever they may be

Segment Integration:

Trigger conversions and re-marketing tags without code changes with the Segment integration feature

Dynamically Changing Ad Content:

Launch dynamic content of the ads that evolves and changes according to viewer`s age, gender, geo-location and etc

Personalized Hyper-Targeted Ads:

Strategically display your ads according to your target audience’s interests, geo-location, time of day, age and more filters

Build Better Business Recognition:

Display your ads where it would be viewed, enjoyed and captured more. Target your customers strategically

Strategic Ad Retargeting:

Acquire higher click through rates by changing the content according to demographics, geo-location, trust and relevancy

How we use computer vision?

Murmur’s analytics capture eyeballs and identify audiences by age, gender, interest, mobile device OS of choice, and their geo-location so that you can make more informed decisions on where to display your ads

Measure and target possible customers

Advertise on streets and create retargeting Facebook and Google ads dynamically through Murmur’s Omni-channel retargeting platform

What is the benefit of such approach?

It sets to deliver your ads and get more engagements, web-site and retails store visits, app downloads.


What customers think about our services
  • Ruslan Khalilov

    Life Insurance Agent
  • Yana Aliyev

    Real Estate Agent
  • Ali Gasimov

    Owner of Oromo Cafe

Murmur is innovative way to advertise and target people where it really matters.

Murmur is innovative way to advertise and target people where it really matters. I used Facebook, Google Ads and did not get more sales. With Murmur sales went up and now i am famous in my city and everyone is calling to me. Thank you Murmur for helping me to grow my small business.

How our system works?

Our screens powered by computer vision and patented sensor technology harvest first hand data and with further enrich in partnership with global data providers

Computer vision

Murmur's computer vision receive initial data for the advertising

Process of data enrichment

We analyze the received data with global data providers


After detailed analysis, Murmur presents ad's analytics to its customers individually

Murmur Means Innovation

Explore the interests of your audience on streets via real-time street-level data and connect with them by using smart digital car-top billboards, collect data in exchange of rewards and discounts and retarget them via retargeting online Ads dynamically.



Computer Vision


Real time Data


Meet our A/B Testing Platform

Do you want to know what type of digital ad can attract more customers? With our A/B Testing Platform, you will be able to try different types of ads and find what works for your business

Activate your ad's preferences

Choose the targeting and variations for the ads

Upload your digital ad to the A/B Testing Platform

Try different variations of your ad and find out what works best for you

Check the analytics

Check out the weekly analytics of your ad

What's happening on the street where your ad's located?


People viewing ad


Is male


Daily views


Famous locations
Learn what's happening with your ad on the street by receiving real time data Go to the Street IQ for more detailed information: -it's okay,no change's needed

Examples of our ad campaigns

Murmur provides services of car-top,back-pack and social media advertising for its customers. Among are clients are private companies,small and medium sized businesses and individuals

Car top Billboard

Analytics page

Target Locally, Advertise Nationally

Murmur helps businesses to attract possible customers by placing billboard ads locally and advertise it on digital platforms nationally

Our Success Stories

Read about some of the greatest stories of businesses like yours, that use Murmur

Get Tailored Marketting Strategy

Our clients receive a full-package marketing strategy for further development

Transform your advertising strategy with progressive solutions

Using Murmur means building trust, brand awareness, achieve higher sales, revenue and displaying highly personalized ads to your audience at any given time of day or location at the click of a few buttons.

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